Laguna Water Park Dubai

laguna water park dubai

The newest retail and holiday attraction in Dubai is Laguna Water Park Dubai. It becomes more captivating due to an attractive La Mer beach front. It has opened in Summar that beat the heat with 4 zoned water parks. It has dozen of cascades, slides with a lot of water fun. Just don’t overlook the infinity pool and 180-degree surf park. Furthermore, there are plenty of shops and restaurants for shopping and dinner. Visit a Laguna water park will definitely a very good and exciting time for you. Laguna water park consists of many amazing zones where a person can enjoy and makes it moments beautiful. 

Laguna waterpark Auqa play

WaveOz 180: 

The surf zone houses at the water park also known as the ultimate surf machine. People, which have no ability to catch the waves in Dubai Water, have the fun of 187 feet wall to wall wave. This experience is very suited for the beginners who don’t have the duke to face the sea.  

Aqua Play: 

This area is suitable for the children of 4 to 12 aged, which consents the unlimited fun in play structure with twisting glides and slanting bucket. You can leave your children, as guards are on duty. They have an eye on them.  

laguna park dubai

Splash Pad: 

This area is suitable for tots with a lot of fun. This area has interactive features, splash lochs, spurting water and other wet fun, which permits them to broaden their thinking through having fun. Children definitely say that no better amusement than edutainment. 

Free Fall: 

This area is for all the adrenaline junkies. A fenced glass pod will fall you without any warning, releasing you into a heart-racing plunging dive to the splashdown below. 

Dubai waterpark

The Manta: 

This area has circular rafts of 4 to 6 people. This will give you the experience of waterfalls and thrilling 90-degree swinging. It also has rapids, curls and turns with the rolling into manta wing of zero gravity. 


If you are frightened of the dark, you should not try this one. It has the coiling bends, turns and illusions that must chill your spine. The hollow bowl has centrifugal forces, that have the riders on the wall with many revolutions. 

water racing laguna water park

The Loop: 

This loop ride will gradually take you down until you touch the splashdown. This 360 degrees horizontal loop will offer you so many jolts which are enough for your lifetime. You have to wait in long queues for this one as it is crowded.  

Mad Racer: 

It has the guts spraining shunts and accelerators with competitive slides, which is the perfect jaunt to go on a head to head competition with your friends.  

Dubai laguna park

Lazy River: 

The visitors who don’t spend their time on knuckle adventure can have enjoyed on this lazy river. Step on the tube and take a ride to the end. You must not be able to remain arid in the zone because of the above sprays and sudden prompt will excitement up your laziness.  

The Pool: 

This infinity edge pool will definitely snip your heart. You get into it for hours, but also make a try for other rides. When you have such a cool pool, it might be getting difficult for you to try other rides. This area is available from the age of 18 plus only

laguna beach park


This area has the extra sun deck chairs, beach towels, private locker and free water bottles with soda. It will give you the most remarkable and memorable time.  


This beach has the most fainting charm that gives you roving the length of hours. You can watch the North beach La Mer with sunset.   

This brief introduction about Laguna water park definitely helps you to guide about this tour. It’s a suggestion for everyone to must visit this amazing place at least once, whenever go to Dubai. This will surely be a wonderful time for your whole life.