Dubai’s Indoor Tropical Jungle

Green Planet

Dubai, a city located in the middle of a desert, is renowned for many sightseeing attractions such as Dubai Fountains, Burj Khalifa, Underwater Zoo, Palm Jumeirah island and Safari Park. The Green Planet, a vertical tropical rainforest is one of them. It’s a newly opened indoor attraction in Dubai and is one of only a few bio-domes in the world, located at city walk. It invites guests to investigate Earth’s captivating greenery as it is filled with more than 3,000 exotic species of flora and fauna. This 150 foot tall, completely glass-encased ecosystem is made around the world largest man-made tree with an artificial trunk. Visitors need to cross a rope bridge in order to get access to the tree which is connected to a three storey waterfall. There are four levels of interaction of this bio-dome for the visitor with interesting animal and plant species to see and each part play a unique role. 

green planet forest

The Canopy: It frames the top of the rainforest and is at 30 to 45m, absorb sunlight and diffuse the rainfall. 

The Midstory: This middle layer absorbs any sunlight that filtered down through the roof of the rainforest as it contains large leaves. 

The Forest Floor: This layer is darker than the other two layers because hardly any sunlight reaches the floor. 

The Flooded Rainforest: It gives the ideal living conditions for all types of animals. 

green planet jungle

In this indoor tropical jungle, there are many kinds of animals and birds that will astonish you with their diversity, including South American toucans, Sloths, frogs, lizards, ants, bees, cockroaches, Tree Boas, Tucan's, butterflies, Tree porcupines reptiles, fish and other insects. It’s home to several different species of spiders and monkeys. 

You can also experience some special encounters at Green Planet Dubai. You can watch Bat Cave and enjoy Piranha Encounter, which starts at 4 pm daily. These two Encounters are free of cost. While the other two EncountersSloth and Sugar Glider cost AED149 (about $40 or €34). The Sloth Encounter starts at 2:30 pm daily here you can interact with sloths and can learn about their behaviour in just 20-30 minute interaction. In Sugar Glider Encounter you know about their behaviour from Green Planet biologists and get a chance to take photos closely with the Sugar Gliders. 

dubai green forest

The Green Planet Dubai is an amazing place for families and visitors of all ages. It has become a family favourite and education centre as it offers too much to learn about flora and fauna and plays an extremely important role in stabilizing the climateYou must take your children at this fascinating place for learning and enjoyment. They can explore too much in just a two-hour journey, through creative writing activities, role-playing activities and games.  

The Green Planet Dubai open from Sunday to Wednesday (10 am to 7 pm) and Thursday to Saturday (10 am to 8 pm). If you are heading to Dubai, then you must visit this truly amazing place Green Planet!  It cost AED99 for adults, AED74 for children. You can also book your tickets online that costs AED 89 for Adults and AED 64 for Children. The one most interesting thing is, here Parking is free and the building is fully wheelchair accessible