Dubai Illusions Park

This September, in Dubai a very unique kind of museum is introduced. It is expected to become the next mega project for tourists and residents, especially for Instagram fans. The museum will give you a chance to show the superb paintings and communicate with the best artists that come from all over the world. Unlike other 'classical' museums, the Museum of Illusions is different and visitors will definitely cheer to visit here. Visitors can experience visual, dramatic and instructive adventures 

 It is one of the most exciting museums of illusions that will have a different kind of activities for participants. The biggest edition opening on September 12th at the emirate's Marsa Al Seef located near the Dubai Creek. The Dubai branch of the museum will claim of the largest group. The visual illusions in the Museum will house 80 exhibitions of all shapes and sizes.

Dubai Museum of Illusion

Varvara Svischeva, manager at the Museum of Illusions Dubai, have been carefully designed the museum to guarantee the widest possible demand of the city. The totally different residential area is decorated for international tourists. This place is arrogance for Dubai on being an endpoint for all ages. This is reproduced in the variety of shows and the overall experience. The tickets for the museum will be valued at Dh80 for adults and Dh60 for children.  

It is such an extravagant process of gathering information from each of our senses. When attractive with our illusions, the mind will associate some details and reject, then send to others to create a sensory experience that resists reason. It's always unbelievable to seeing the human response to the Museum of Illusions displays universally. It's the same responses all over the world. Meanwhile, opening in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in 2015 for the first time. Including Athens, New York, Toronto and Berlin. Six further Museum of Illusions has rapidly shadowed and over half a dozen more are scheduled for 2018 alone. Each Museum of Illusions offers exhibitions that specifically designed to charm, stun and arouse the senses.   

Marsa Al Seef Dubai

It is also based on science, mathematics, biology and psychology. It is mainly designed to play tricks on the brain. Every Museum of Illusions pretensions of physical and visual illusions. A playroom with moral games and puzzles. When guests have agreeably stimulated that depart from the old-style museum. It is more likely to become the best museum ever. Museum of illusion can be the best source of attraction to confuse the mind of visitors.   


As it is totally different experiences for the tourist and visitors. In fact, besides this, visitors can change their world to have a totally different situation and enjoy it. They can change their upside to down and vice versa. They can have fun and cooperate or revel in visual illusion displays. Tourists and visitors are guaranteed that they are in for a “unique visual and sensory experience.” About 80 communicating flagship exhibits will characterize in Al Seef. As it is nearest to Dubai Creek for the certainties of attraction.   

There will be another trick known as the Vortex Tunnel. A rotating cylinder that plays the trick with a brain. The human brain is an extremely complex computer that observes and understand reality. On the other side, in Ames Room visitors and tourist a shrink and grow in their position depending on the display. They can step into the other room that perceives their world totally upside down. It just looks as wonder. This museum will also allow visitors and tourists to take pictures to have memories. It must be adventurous for them by sharing their activities on social media.   

Illusion Museum Dubai

Besides, this is part of the museums is a noticeably different enjoyment of the visitors, tourists and other guests. The public is really impressed by the attraction of the shows that displays increase their fun and excitement. As it is a totally different museum from other traditions, professional and educational museums. Everyone can have fun even from kid to adult. Once you visit, you will remember this trip throughout your life.