Dubai Dolphin Bay Show

Dubai Dolphin Water Bay

Dolphin Bay Dubai is located on the artificial Palm Island in the world. It is one of the biggest artificial Dolphin haunts in Atlantis. This is the most famous tourist place in Dubai. Especially, families visit the Dolphin show having fun by standing next to them in the water, diving in the deep and other enjoyable experiences.  

The most exciting part of the  aquaventure water park is Dolphin bay show. You can have a number of different activities that are ready to welcome you at a husk of playful Dolphin. Dolphin activities are completely accomplished by a greatly experienced team. Guest passes 30 minutes with the dolphins in the water. You can opt a dolphin experience, according to your age and swimming abilities. You will have a chance to spend every minute with mammals. You will view the wonderful creatures If you dive in deep water. Just have a pleasant experience with your loved ones and family friends. You will definitely come to your home with a smile.  

Dubai Dolphin Show

Visiting for Dolphin bay show gives you many superb and unforgettable experiences such as 30 minutes of check, 15 minute orientation with marine life and 30 minutes in the water. Many other facilities provided to the visitors are towels, lockers, wetsuits or vests, soft drinks or bottled water and 25% off a visit to the Lost chamber aquarium on the same day.  

Experiences in Dolphin Bay: 

There are many exciting and entertaining activities, one can experience at dolphin bay, which are described here briefly: 

Dubai Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Happenstance: 

The encounter is most impersonal for those who have no idea that how to swim. You will have hugging, kissing and playing experience as the dolphins have a loving nature with you. Those who are afraid to get in the water, can sit on the edge to see the whole show. Just capture the memorable moments with the dolphins and a have wonderful life time experience. 

Dolphin Water Show Dubai

Dolphin Exploit: 

You can enjoy the signature belly ride that sounds better. Just hold on the Dolphin as it swims that will make you feel weightless as them. Also, you can touch on them by having public displays with love. This is specially assigned to effortless divers and kids above 8 years of age. Trainers are available to monitor the each encounter. 

Dolphin Swims

Royal Swim: 

For confident swimmers, it will be a daredevil adventure. For 30 minutes duration, you will be pushed by the Dolphins. This activity sounds like mundane, but the Dolphin keeps you forward at high speed. You cannot describe this experience in words. You can also interact with other mammals through embracing and kissing them. 

Dolphin Show

Scuba Dive: 

If you want to experience the majestic creature in deep water, just get the adrenaline pumping. This prospect includes the touching, cuddling and kissing in all under water, and make your experience one of the best trips. Only Scuba Divers permit to take up this action, but all the other diving gear has under the control of staff with the security of the Dolphins.

Dolphin Show Dubai

Dolphin Snap Fun: 

While making the golden and unforgettable memories, you must have to take photos with them. This activity involves the 10 minutes duration, including touching, hugging and kissing them. You can still in contact with these mammals on edge with individual level. Just take your experience to your home with lovable creatures.  

Dolphin Bay Dubai

You are not allowed to take Jewellery, cameras, watches, hair accessories, hats, shades and loose articles with you. The staff offers all the visitors with wetsuit or swim vest for their interaction and during the program or the safety. A photographer is always with you during the interaction to take pictures. It should be noted that you must be on time. You should also take time to evaluate the complete set of instructions with age, necessities and swimming policies. This tour definitely becomes an unforgettable time in your whole life.